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Tushengshiguan Restaurant, a local organic restaurent

When we choose to buy the products produced by small farmers, we eat healthily, support the sustainable development of village communities, and care about the environment. In order to make this dream come true, Lifen, her husband and her parants started organic farming in 2000. "I want to reduce the usage of pesticides, the pollution of air, water, and earth, to maintain biodiversity, and people's health, traditional value and interpersonal relationship in villages. " said Lifen who envolved in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for many years.

Natasha and a group of university students went to Lifen's home in 2012. We met her father, a friendly and hard working peasant who used to sell pesticides and chemical fertilizer but influenced by his daughter and quited his old business. "Many people died from cancer which is a quite rare disease in the past in my village. I think the main reason is the usage of pesticides." said Lifen's father. We visited their eco fields and followed them to collect organic eggs from the local villagers. "We encourage farmers to share their surplus safe food with others." said Lifen, and her family also have been doing so. It is very laborious for them to grow organically spending more time to take careof the vegies in traditional ways and foster the soil which has long been damaged by chemicals. Now, you can take a chance to taste the eco food produced by Lifen's family with their love and caring heart for both people and earth.

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