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Dynamic Yunnan, a grand and primitive drama, is a master piece of artistic work that marks the characters ofYunnan. It is regarded as one of the milestone creations in Chinese stage showand dance history. It is vibrant as the dancers energetically performed in their traditional costumes. It shows the great nature, the origin and praise of life, the gracefulness of the peacocks, how important the laborious Dai women is to their families, the belief that the souls of the faithful and virtuous would ascend to heaven, etc.

Chinese folk dance which reflecting people's daily life, festival activities and customs first appeared over 5000 years ago. It is a by-product of long historical development and profound artistic culture. Dynamic Yunnan is an attempt to create a living museum where such traditions can live on for future generations.

Ms. Yang Liping, who choreographed the dance, spent several years searching forand training a troupe of over sixty performers from Yunnan’s ethnic minority regions to bring this unique composition to life on the stage. It is both a tribute to the spirit of Yunnan and a work of selfless devotion to its prosperity. The show, started at 20:00pm everyday except the time during Spring Festivals at Kunming Artistic Drama House, is a 2-hour performance.

Why Dynamic Yunnan? 

- Authentic traditional ethnic folk music and modern dance & creative elements;

- totally based on the religious believe of ethnic people;

- Costume designs and creations origin from fashions of Yunnan ethnic people;

- Stage props based on authentic forms from Yunnan ethnic communities;

- 95%of the performers are Yunnan ethnic people, presenting the charms of those ancient races;

- The best international standard lighting and sound technology;

Comment from《THE POST》--- “China has produced an authentic ethnic dance medley that is as spectacular as ‘River Dance’”

Comment from《ENQUIRER》--- “the biggest and most well produced authentic ethnic dance medley that you have seen ”

Plot introduction of Dynamic Yunnan 

Prologue – Creation

I am fire. I am wind. I plant my soul in the drum. I keep the seed inside. Thunder booms. New blossoms spring forth. Arise. Arise. Arise in the spirit of the beat.

Chapter 1 Sun

Sun Drum (Jino People)

Barrel Drum (Hani People)

The Elephant Foot Drum (Jinpo People)

Bronze Gong (Wa People)

Cymbal Dance (Hani People)

Spirit Drum (Yi People)

Sun and moon chase from the east to the west without an end. Their track joined at the dawn. Men and women are together through life, connected upon the creation of the world.

Chapter 2 Land

Moonlight (Dai Solo Dance)

Song & Dance of Huayao Tribe (YiPeople)

Matrilineal Lands (Dai People)

Though vast, the sky is but one stretch.Though vast, the earth is but one piece. Do not say the flora are mute. Themyriad things all thrive for a reason. The ancestors tell me that the earth is the body of the first man. When I embrace the soil with my body, I awaken to the words of the ancients.

Chapter 3 Homeland

Tobacco Box Dance (Yi People)

Country Stomp (Yi People)

A plot of soil gives life to the endemic creatures. The original aborigines worship their plot of soil. Only our ancestors do protect us. If it is not our homeland, it cannot raise us.

Chapter 4 Pilgrimage

Tibetan Dance

Praying Wheel

Praying Stone

The pilgrims trudge along the path, assisted only their praying wheel. They measure the road with their bodies, and kiss the earth at every step. Though the wind howls and the sun burns them, though the snow and rain pound their bodies, their heart are alight within tense fire. Finally, they scale the holy mountain, and enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Epilogue – Spirit of the Peacock (Dai solo Dance)

Where are you dancing?

Spirit of the peacock

Lonely shadow in the moon

Feathers of the clouds

Where are you dancing?

Skirt twirling on the rainbow

Mystical dreams

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