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Puer tea is an aged black tea known for its medical properties and earthly flavors. The production of the tea is a state-guarded secret in China. There are two general types of Puer, cooked and raw. The raw or shen (green) Puer is made from mao cha and steamed and pressed into cakes. Shen Puer demonstrates the miracle of Puer. It slowly changes over time through a natural fermentation process.

The microbes present in the mao cha are not destroyed because of the sun drying work It is the shen Puer that is most valuable over time and starts to reach its full maturity after around thirty years. Puer is often a favorite tea of the truly dedicated tea drinker. This aged tea usually begins with a variety of leaf from exceptionally broad-leaved tea trees.

This tea, either left loose or punched into cakes, is then permitted to retain barely enough moisture-content that the tea continues to ferment slowly over time. For this reason, Puer is best-stored open so that oxygen can continue to refine the tea. Xishuangbanna, Simao and Lincang of Yunnan Province are the hometown of Puer tea, which benefits more than 50 countries and regions in the world where it is planted and utilized. Its magic power for health care and great taste gives itself the title of "the healthy tea for the human being in the world". Now the provincial government of Yunnan has submitted an application to the UNESCO, hoping the hometown of Puer tea will be listed as a world cultural relic. 

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