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Today's trip start from Mt. Weibao whose main mountain is 2509 meters' high. Since the Tang dynasty, Taoist temples have been built on the mountian making Mt. Weibao a famous mountain special for Taoism. Moreover, it is the cradle land of the Nanzhao culture, and still preserves many historical sites. In addition, there are some Buddhism temples such as Kwan-yin Temple and Manna Kiosk.

The vegetation of Mt. Weibaoshan is kept perfectly. From the mountainside to the mountain top it was covered with flourishing pine trees and cypress trees, and all kinds of age-old broadleaf trees. For example, the archaic camellia in front of Linggong Temple is the heritage of the Ming and Qing dynasty. It is 15 meter high and 28 centimeter wide. Through 300 years, it is still tall and straight, maintaining an elegant and graceful carriage. In February, it blossoms flourishingly. It is pleasant to walk on the Mt. Weibaoshan.


at the Weishan County in Dali.

How to get there?

Take a bus from Xiaguan to Weishan county, and then take another bus to Mt. Weibaoshan. It costs about 16 yuan.

Entrance Fee:

60 yuan

More Tips:

From the first to the fifteen day of the second month in the lunar calendar, there is a annually traditional temple fair on Mt. Weibaoshan.



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