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Visit Xizhou. Enjoy its well preserved old houses and streets with traces of its past glory. Not far away from a two-storied building made of wood and brick at the entrance to Xizhou is a banyan tree with flourishing leaves and branches. Perched on the tree is a large flock of egrets. They lead a comfortable and luxurious life without disturbance. The banyan tree and egrets are worshiped by the locals from generation to generation, which build a harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.


Walking along the slate road, sauntering though the winding alleys, you can have a good look at the delicate and intricate designs on the walls. The houses of local residents are characterized by a traditional Chinese rectangular courtyard with a screen wall facing the gate. On the screen wall there are usually four Chinese characters, reading 'Qingbai Shijia' (innocent family) or 'Ziqi Donglai' (Auspicious air comes from the East). Around them are landscape paintings and decorations with profusion of colors.

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