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Nuodeng produces salt through wells formore than two thousand years. Now the salt wells have been protected. Only whenpermitted or during opening season, the salt can be exploited. In ancienttimes, the salt need to be handed to the salt department before it was sold todifferent places. The salt resource in the village attracted many businessmen allover the country. Therefore, Nuodeng became an important village on “Salt HorseCaravan Road”.

According to old Chinese tradition,Confucius Temple can only be built in Township. But in Nuodeng Village, thereis also a Confucius Temple. Most statues of Confucius wear dresses of monarch,but the Confucius statue in Nuodeng wears common people’s clothes. BesidesConfucius Temple, there is also a Guangong Temple. Confucius representscivilian, while Guangong represents military. It shows that Nuodeng peopleattach importance on both Wen and Wu, pen and sword.

Yuhuangge is a kind to rare architecture ineast of Yunnan. The Yuhuangge in Nuodeng Village is built in Ming Dynasty. Itis a famous Dao Temple. Inside the temple, there are winter sweet, cypress,lagerstroemia indica, thunbergii, and many other plants planted in MingDynasty. On the celling of the Yuhuangge is a painting of the twenty-eightconstellations. The painting is very valuable in the study of Chinese ancientcosmology, astronomy, art, and architecture.

The Nuodeng River and a tributary ofLangcang River join together and form an S letter which is a Tai Chi figure inChinese Dao culture. People believe this fantastic natural view will hold thewater.

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