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Jade Lake Village is one of the oldest and most beautiful Naxi villages closest to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, used to be the summer palace, academy, and deer farm of Mu family, a wise local magistrate who govern Lijiang for over 700 years. The houses in the village were made of a unique type of rock which is a mixture of stone and earth. The name of the village came from Yuhu Lake inside the village. A man-made lake built in Ming Dynasty whose water comes from ground water from Snow Mountain,which is regarded as holy water by Naxi people. Therefore, Jade Lake Village is blessed a special environment with a lake full of holy water. You can enjoy relaxing stroll, visit the former residence of Joseph Rock, who lived in Jade Lake Village for many years and wrote lots of articles for the National Geographic magazine about his expeditions to places in Northwest Yunnan. These articles have inspired the novel Lost Horizon, by James Hilton, about a fictional remote Himalayan community known as Shangri-La. You can also enjoy horse riding in Jade Lake  Village to visit ancient deer farm, Jade Lake, meadows, and a historic site of an ancient temple (¥380). The other horse riding route is to go up the Jade Snow Mountain. The best time for this route is after October and befeore March, the snowy season. Other months are foggy. The horse team will leave at 7.00am and come back at 7.00pm. The horse will take you to an altitude of 4000 meters. If you want to go further and your body can make it, you need to trek the rest way. The horse team will prepare you an oxygen bag and down jacket.And you need to prepare yourself enough solid food and water (¥1500 )