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Sky-tree Park

Sky-tree Park (Wangtianshu Aerial Walkway) is built in National Natural Protection Area, 19 km from Mengla County, which covers an area of 200,000 square meters. It is a specified reserve mainly for Parashorea Cathayensis and some other tropical plants protection. 


Parashorea Cathayensis belongs to Dipterocarpaceae, are tall evergreen trees. The average height is up to 70-80 meters, all leaves crowded on the top, having erect trunks, thus people call them “the Prince in the woods”. It is one of the unique species can only find in Xishuangbanna.


The Aerial Walkway, which sets up on Parashorea Cathayensis trees, stretches 2.5 km, took natural trunks as the supporting pillars, nylon ropes and nylon nets as the protection equipments, suspended with steel cables, 34 m above the ground, which broadened tourists horizons. Every relative trunk has built a platform, which connected with the walkway, offering a place to tourists for resting. Besides, on the ground, there’s a 1000 m tourism path paved in slabstones, with which forms a three-dimentional sightseeing system.