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After contributing to the growth and success of a grass-root NGO in the past 5 years, I am seeking new challenges.

- I am experienced on how to empower others in the achievement of goals step by step under a shared vision.

In the past five years I developed excellent organizational and leadership skills and managed the NGO EXiDEA Volunteering well. I have very strong sense of team working and am fond of working in a team with vision. I understand that vision is by heart and connected with the soul; vision is innovative, persistent, democratic, and diverse. I also understand that a good leader is a spider to tie people together to make a stable network; a good leader is the trunk of a tree to gather and make fluxion of resources to ensure its branches sprout, bloom, and bear fruits. With shared vision I led the organization leaving her members private space with clear responsibility and harmonious interpersonal relationship, which creates a self-starting, innovative, and dedicated working atmosphere.

- I have extensive experience of interacting with people of many ages and backgrounds with good capability on creating and maintaining collaborations. 

As a director of a non-governmental organization, I own strong communication skills, both verbal and written, in English and Chinese, communicated regularly in private talk, round-table conference, or presentation and created collaborations with NGOs, village leadership, community committee, government agencies, university students, and students’ organizations, to promote and accomplish the many projects of the organization each year. I am also invited to share my management experience many times. As a travel consultant in a tour agency which is specialized to receive foreigners to travel in China, I gained experience on communicating with people from different countries around the world to arrange them tours according to their requirements and wishes with a knowledge of their favors. Either the NGO has a partnership with the Center for Intercultural Education in America with foreigners come to work and be volunteers each year, and the travel agency with staff from many countries. We worked effectively in cross-cultural and mixed language environments.

- I am a pioneering, perseverant, and goal oriented doer with quick reaction to changes. I am a fast learner and a practical problem solver who can respond to challenge and pressure positively.

I work in concentration to accomplish tasks one by one with good beginning and ending. I like exploring new methods rather than always do the same thing repeatedly in an unchanging way. When I have goals, I will put initiative in working and strive to achieve it constantly. In the past five-year NGO work I confronted with many problems and difficulties so that exercised myself, built my determination and ability to learn new things and deal with problems with flexibility.


Project Manager

EXiDEA Volunteering (a grass-root NGO) (2008.10-2010.5)

* Responsible for needs assessment, project design, plan and implementation of all activities; work out the problems cropping up during the implementation of the project; expand the project; report to Director on progress and to submit reports; provide material for newsletter articles; build good relationship with target recipient beneficiaries;

* Lead teams; recruit, select, train, empower, supervise, and manage all team members.


EXiDEA Volunteering, Yunnan Province (2010.5-2013.10)

* In charge of 7 program management teams in the field of development education, village basic facility building, preservation of traditional ethnic group culture, environment protection, and the elderly care with duties that include training and overseeing the activities of all team leaders, leading all team leader meetings to discuss the progress and solutions of problems of each program, share experience and providing meeting agendas, developing potential team leaders and giving promotion to them;

* Meet with the Director of the Center for Intercultural Ed (America, founder of EXiDEA) once a week, either in person or via Skype to discuss the progress and plan the development of the organization. Sending email, organizing annual meeting, writing and present organizational development report to ensure the founder, donors, and volunteers know the latest news of the organization;

* Financial management - budget planning; record day-to-day account; reception and expenditure management; write project and annual financial report & present it to donors; monitor & maintain overall budget for the whole organization;

* Design the overall funding plan; work on fundraising proposals with foundations and raise funds from different channels: personnel donation, income from the offering of services, charity sale, government, and company;

* Cooperation & Network – build and maintain collaboration relationship, set up and expand network;

* Personal translator for the Director of the Center for Intercultural Ed;

* Find new potential project sites and develop new projects;

* Human Resource Management – recruitment, empowerment, appraisal;

* Organization Publicize & Popularize – spread the organization’s spirit and culture through public presentation, and the usage of micro-blog and WeChat public ID. Make the organization’s brochure, volunteer recruitment posters, and project videos.

Travel Consultant & Free Traveler (2013.11- present)

Provide foreign travelers information and advice of traveling. Make travel plans according to the requirements and wishes of the guests and make arrangements for them, including food, accommodations, transfers, drivers, tour guides, entrance and show tickets, etc.

Part-time English Teacher (2008.3 - present)

Since my second year in university, I have been a part-time English teacher in private language training schools, and a family English tutor with students coming to my home for classes. I’ve been teaching students ranging from elementary to high school levels oral English or text preparation. The text books I used are Go for It, Side by Side, Step by Step, New Interchange, and New Concept English. I am able to design different teaching activities according to the scale of the class and create teaching aids.


- Formulated organizational financial management regulations

- Accomplished 10 public welfare projects successfully

- Created voluntary work chances for nearly 300 university students

- Built cooperation or network relationship and received support from 7 NGOs, 3 government departments in county level, 2 city community committees, 5 students’ organizations, and 4 villages

- Wrote and compiled organizational development experience manual


Bachelor of English Language and Education

Yunnan Normal University, TEM 8 (written & oral)

Qualified English Teacher of Senior high school

Related Courses Studied

- Oral English       - Mandarin       - Tourism English

- Listening, reading and writing in English       - Translation

- Sound of English       - English Grammar

- How to teach English as a foreign language

Trainings Received

* Unblock communication barriers

  – Listen with compassion

  -- Non-violence communication

  -- How to conduct an interview

  -- How to publicize oneself through we media

* NGO Management

  – The development of NGOs both at home and abroad            

  -- Vision, gap, and reality exercise

  -- Leadership training   

  -- Back-warding plan

  -- Logistic framework & how to write project proposal

  -- How to raise fund    

  -- Volunteer management

  -- Social work methods and tools

  -- Cooperation & network   

  -- Financial management

  -- Publicize, popularize, and marketing

  -- Changing exercise

* Sustainable agriculture

  – Health in a wider view

  -- Modern agriculture and sustainable agriculture

  -- Genetically modified crops and food   

  -- Interplanting of vegetables

  -- What is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

  -- An intact nutrient circle and how to use night-soil to make compost

* Transition Town trainings

* Education

  – Experiment on new education  

  -- Picture book reading