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Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake is located in boundary area of the Chengjiang County, Jiangchuan County and Huaning County, which is 70km from Kunming. Since most of the lake is in Chengjiang County, it is also called the Chengjiang Lake. The circumference of it is 90.6 kilometers.

Fuxian Lake has a shape of inverted gourd. It covers an area of 212 sqaure kilometers, which is the 3rd largest lake in Yunnan. (The largest lake in Yunnan is Dianchi Lake and the second largest one is Erhai Lake.)

With the deepest point of 157.8 meters and the average depth of 87 meters, Fuxian Lake ranks the 1st in Yunnan and 2nd in China in terms of depth. It is merely second to the deepest lake in China – a volcanic crater lake on Mt. Changbai in Northeast China.

Its total capacity is 18.9 billion cubic meters which is 12 times of Dianchi Lake and 6 times of Erhai Lake. The water capacity of Fuxian Lake ranks the top in Yunnan. The lake is half-closed plateau lake, so the water supplement of the lake comes from the surrounding streams, rivers, underground springs and rainfall. The water of the lake is clear that the deepest visibility can reach 12.5 meters. Thus the water quality of Fuxian Lake ranks the 1st in Yunnan and it is also one of the clearest inland fresh Lakes in China.

The name of Fuxian Lake means that the lake is so charming that everyone even immortals will be completely enchanted with it. Fuxian Lake has three NO. 1 titles in Yunnan, its depth, water capacity and water quality. It deserves its fame.

Fuxian Lake 3-day Trekking Tour

Day 1: From Luchong Scenic Spot to Mountain Guesthouse

Day 2: From Mountain Guesthouse to Jianchuan County

Pay a visit to Lijiashan Yunnan emperors’ ancient tomb relics and bronze museum. The tombs have a history of 2000 years dating back to the Warring States Period. The famous cattle and tiger bronze sculpture is discovered in the tomb.

Day 3: Visit the east coast of Fuxian Lake

Ps. Visit Fuxian Lake by private transfer is also available within at least one day.